When I listened to this ‘Outside’ I honestly could not stop listening. I literally played it over and over and over again. The rappers in this song really had crazy good bars, spitting fire at every turn and when I say fire I mean Holy Fire. 

Their use of their words really sheds light on ups and downs we might experience in life but it also points to someone so important, Jesus Christ Himself. There is nothing better than listening to a song where Jesus is portrayed correctly. Where He is the master of the song. 

The artists behind this song really put in a lot of effort with each piece and that is very evident. The chorus is a very catchy one that I have officially found myself singing constantly. The beat is one I am addicted to too. 

“Outside” was an inspiration from the past. Past experiences mixed with emotions on how I felt at the time. Sometimes we try to forget our past but “Outside” allowed me to channel it. Praise Jesus.

Grizz The Great

“In the summertime, the usual vibe is “WE OUTSIDE” especially in Dade County Florida. However, after the recent span of gun violence and murder of 3-year-old Elijah LaFrance, I felt inspired to speak on these dark times. We don’t think about how cold and bitter the summer feels in the heat of the moment, but the Lord knows all. We continue to strive for peace in a world governed by violence and hatred, knowing that our hope in Jesus Christ is not in vain.”

Hugo 3rd World 

These quoted pieces are from some of the artist’s featured in the song and I find it rather touching and amazing that they are using their skills to create awareness about issues in our society that needs to be addressed. But most importantly they show courage and bravery by pointing to Jesus as the one who truly saves and in today’s world that can truly be a difficult thing to do. 

In the song they mention some important things: 


Lament means to mourn, cry out or merely vent to God. God wants us to cry out to Him in times of darkness. There is nothing wrong with that. Go and check out the book of Lamentations in the Bible as a reference. 

It’s okay not to be okay because we live in a broken fallen world in need of a saviour. Things are not the way they are supposed to be but showing that we don’t agree with the way things are can point others to the saviour who can restore everything as it should be.


In other words, when things are difficult, when we are weak, we need to lean on his strength and understanding and not our own. 

When things seem uncertain, know that He is in control. 

When the world is unfaithful and cruel know that He is good and remains faithful. 

This is what this phrase tells me. We need to live off His heat, His promises. Because he never breaks one of them. Trust in God and not this world or yourself. We all fall short of the Glory of God and He is honestly everything we need to overcome the world because He already has the victory. (It is finished)


The life of a human being is difficult, regardless of wanting to stick to commitments, promises or goals, we all fall short. As Christians, the battle just becomes heavier because there are literal supernatural forces weighing you down and they physically, spiritually and mentally do not want you to overcome trials or challenges. 

But who do we rely on for strength? Jesus and Jesus alone. 

I hope that today you walk away with this amazing song on your playlist with these points in mind. Go and show some love on social media for these artists, they really have done an amazing job. It is about time we as the Christian community share what the Christian music world has to offer to those who desperately need the gospel. 

Thank you Yeshua Boys for your art. We truly appreciate your talents and I know your Father in Heaven does too. 

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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