Worship Is Far More Than Music

“Anything you do that brings pleasure to God is an act of worship.”

For the past week, I have been reading “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren and his book has completely blown my mind. Challenging not just my views on Christianity but my views on life itself. I am on section 8 at the moment where he is talking about how we were “planned for God’s pleasure” quoting scriptures Revelation 4:11 and Psalms 149:4. He explains that bringing pleasure to God is worship and is far more than music.

He says ” For many people, worship is just a synonym for music. They say, “At our church we have worship first, and then teaching.” This is a big misunderstanding. Every part of a church service is an act of worship: praying, Scripture reading, singing, confession, silence, being still, listening to a sermon, taking notes, giving an offering, baptism, communion, signing a commitment card and even greeting other worshipers. Actually, worship predates music. Adam worshipped in the Garden of Eden, but music isn’t mentioned until Genesis 4:21 with the birth of Jubal. If worship were just music, then all who are non musical could never worship. Worship is far more than music.”

After reading this section it reminded me of how many of us subconsciously refer to worship as the songs we sing out to God in Church or wherever we find our self in quote singing along to worship music. Growing up in a Pentecostal Church I’ve found that we place such a higher value on Worship in the form of music higher than every other form of worship. Not to say that we do it purposely, we do it more out of tradition and culture. This can sometimes be problematic to those who prefer to read quietly through their word and worship it can put pressure on them to force worship to God that is not genuine or from the heart. What I learned from this section of Rick Warren’s book is that we must acknowledge that worship is so much more than music and it comes in many different forms this knowledge is key and helps us mature beyond tradition and culture. I  recommend that every Christian reads “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren no matter what stage you are it is definitely a revolutionary and challenging book that will help you strengthen your faith and build stronger roots in God. You can get it from Amazon here Purpose Driven Life.

Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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