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“I’ve seen so many miracles I forgot what the word impossible means” 

– Wonder Working, All Creatures

This is the anthem I hear someone singing when they are in a situation that is impossible to get out of. I see someone who has been told you only have 2 days to live, I see someone who has never walked before, I see someone who has been born blind and I see someone who was told their whole lives that they couldn’t make it!

We declare our God is a wonder-working God. We see Him open the ocean so His people can reach the other side, we see a God who makes manna fall from the sky so His people don’t starve and we believe in a God who was made flesh so He could die in our place. 

Who cares for us more than Him? Who loves us more than that?? Not one. 

When you ever desired anything in life, know that that desire can only be fulfilled by one. His name is Jesus Christ. 

I believe this song is meant to bring revival to your heart and I believe it brings us an understanding of the powerful God we serve.

“I’ve seen too many comebacks To believe that it’s not gonna happen again”  

– Wonder Working, All Creatures

Our God is a God of comebacks. 

I have seen countless lives changed. I have seen the most broken people in life that were so close to the edge turn around in a matter of minutes because of the saving grace of God that changes their hearts. 

“Anytime it looks too hard I’ve learned to lift my eyes to the stars ‘Cause the Maker of it all, He made my heart My heart” – Wonder Working, All Creatures

When things get tough, Lookup.

The God we serve is the same God who created everything you see, even the very eyes you are using to look up with. He does the impossible. 

“Oh, I belong To a wonder-working God Making a way like only He could And all I can say is “God is good” Oh I belong To a wonder-working God Trading my chains for victory My God is working a wonder in me” 

– Wonder Working, All Creatures

He took our chains so we could be free

Have you ever felt trapped in life, unable to overcome an addiction, unable to stop doing wrong… 

It is okay, there is a cure, Jesus Christ took on all the wages of sin so that those who believe in Him would be set free from bondage and receive eternal life. 

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” 

– Romans 6:23

If you do not have Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, please consider Him, read about Him in the Bible, pray for His grace to come, and make Him your God. 

I just want to congratulate the artists behind this amazing song, Can’t wait for you guys to come out with more, You are saved on my Itunes. 

Readers if you want to check out these incredible Christian Artists, here are a few links to assist you. The song is available on Itunes, Apple Music or Spotify.

If you want to check out the artists, below is a couple of links to assist you:  

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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