Walk It Out Through Jesus the Saviour as Shanta Smith Details His Testimony Lyrically in the Single, “Jungle Book” Featuring Just Danielle


Shanta Smith has always been a lover of gospel and because music is the fastest way to communicate to people’s hearts, he uses his music as a channel of communication to spread hope and conviction through Jesus Christ. He is also convinced that God truly gave him his musical abilities to serve and is thus willing to serve his musical talents and expertise to spread the gospel and touch people’s hearts with his testimonies. From his impressive discography, you get to enjoy spiritual songs and experience the depths of worship, fellowship, unstoppable testimonies, and victories with his sound firmly founded within the genres of hip-hop and R&B- enjoy!

The track, “Jungle Book” is really a testimony transformed into an addicting melody and this is a victory tune for anyone who may be feeling like they are caught up in between a rock and a hard place- feeling like the light will not transcend the darkness; Shanta Smith is here with a message of hope that through the power of Christ, you will make it through the Jungle in one piece!

He featured female rapper Just Danielle and together they make this an engrossing anthem that you’d listen to all day without getting bored. The hip-hop beats are heavy and build on the vintage synth lines, the dutiful drums, and the deep-phased bass to engineer a tremendous amount of rhythm and melody.

Shanta Smith breathes life into the narrative with his powerful bars and delivers the catchy and infectious chorus with passion and emotions, “walk it out, we gon walk it out,

Way down in the jungle boy,

That’s how I was found, swing’n round on a tree, lost soul on a leaf,

Till a R116 came into rescue me…”

Just Danielle makes a grand entrance and complements this tune with her theme-perfect bars as she displays impeccable maturity and calmness over the beats to faultlessly deliver her flavoured bars.

This is the anthem for when you are feeling a little defeated- sing and dance along to it and always remember that beyond the journey of great adversity lies the bridge to complete victory!

“Jungle Book” is now out on all the major streaming platforms; follow the attached link and add this track to your favourite playlist.


Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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