UK Based Lyrical Architecture Vonte Grace Goes Hard on the Single, “Talent” off of His Debut Ep, “I’m a New Man”

Vonte Grace

Vonte Grace is a gospel rapper from the UK who uses his music as a vessel to offer hope and inspire people who may feel like they are too far gone or broken. His music is like light to the youth’s and other generations’ pathways as he encourages those who know God to stand firm in the faith no matter what the world throws at them! Drawing on his own journey of truly understanding and accepting the Lord’s grace, Vonte hopes for every listener and worshipper to know and understand the depth of God’s goodness towards them and for that reality to release them from the shackles of shame and the empty rules of religion into a life brimming with freedom and joy!

He recently released a 6-track debut EP dubbed, “I’m a New Man” and the track, “Talent” is the opening tune off of this EP and this is one slapping banger! Right from the intro where the synths build up and ride along before the beats culminate to one stinging and biting drill-inspired and deep-phased melody that you can’t listen to while seated-this is not for the lazy ones!

There is so much in play here; first of all the beats blend the elements of the UK-inspired drill and grime euphony and the addicting trap spark for that colorful affair. Breathing life into this stunner, Vonte’s own lyricism is flavored with that captivating Caribbean influence and the way he never tires, going all the way from the start to the finish is reminiscent of Pop Smoke’s own artistry!

He goes heavy on this one, depicting clever storytelling with his impactful bars, and easily transforms this into the anthem of 2022- no track beats this I swear! That dedicated passion to pass on a message of victory will be appreciated even outside of the UK and I foresee a very successful future for this track going ahead!

If you still haven’t grasped the sheer level of melody, rhythm, and performance this track boasts, its time you actually get to listen to it so as to understand what the fuss is all about; follow the attached link to stream and save “Talent” as a favorite jam for those repeated listening experiences. Don’t forget to share it with anyone around you for this one deserves a very massive listening base!


Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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