Ty Brasel – The Divine Storm

Young Ty Man dropped his new album , The Divine Storm on Friday. Definitely one of our favorites in Chirisitan Hip Hop, so we’ve been waiting for this one. Ty Brasel is known for his smooth flows and heavenly melodies, and he’s giving you more of both on this album as he continues to tell his story. Throw your headphones on and let’s dive in.

As I, go through the motions I think to myself, uh

So many people been losing they sanity

Living inside this vanity we need some, help

All of the tragedy the world felt

Sweet Misery (Intro) – Ty Brasel

The Sweet Misery (Intro) is perfect, the trumpet sets the mood for the journey we’re about to be taken on. Then when those boom bap drums come in, mean mug with head bop. Those words he starts the album off with are exactly what everyone has been feeling. Ty repeats, “Where do we go from here?” Which is an honest question everyone has been asking themselves, however it’s therapeutic, calming and hopeful. God has the answer, we just have to trust his plan.

I already paid for it

Got your life in my hands, no, my love never ends for you

When it’s too hard to stand, know that you can depend on me, right

Lift your head to the sky ’cause my love never ends for you

I’ll be right by your side

Paid For It (feat. Jay-Way & Brianna Catrice) – Ty Brasel

Paid For it is a collaboration made in heaven. Ty Brasel, Brianna Catrice and Jay-Way blend so well together. Listen to it straight through then go back and just focus on all the adlibs, thy’re amzing. I didn’t want this song to end. The hook is so catchy and the verses are chill-moody-melodic-rap. Each artist put their heart on this record and you can hear more & more everytime. God’s love is all over this record. Go stream that 100 times for Young Ty.

See, when I look at everything that God blessed me with I’m grateful
I’m grateful (Grateful, ooh)
I’m grateful

I’m Grateful – Ty Brasel & J. Monty

I’m Grateful, is my favorite song on the album, I listen to albums straight through to experience the project as a whole. However, when I saw J. Monty was on the album I was patiently waiting for track 11. As soon as the song started I was in love with the chorus. Ty’s verse is poetry personal bars mixed with poetry. The line, “Look at nature, His fingerprints
Look all around, the evidence” were beautiful. It’s like God was gliding his paint brush on the beat. J. Monty gives us that smooth fast flow, wiht bars you have to run it back to catch. Then his verse ends leading right into the outro…

Everytime Ty and KB come together you know it’s going to be epic. The Power, is on the album as a bonus track but we have to talk about how powerful this record is. We were waiting for new music from Ty Brasel then he drops this to start the year off. We were going mad, I was feeling like a super fan. Feeling so glorioussss. It was exactly what we needed to get ready for The Divine Storm. Ty, thanks for another amazing body of work. May God continue to use you to make beautiful art, and may your voice contiue to uplift the kingdom.

Listen to The Divine Storm by Ty Brasel:

𝘎𝘰𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘭 𝘏𝘺𝘥𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯

Written by Ray


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