These Streets by J.Walker of TLD


As Christians we believe that God has a divine plan for the way the world should be. As we walk the streets we quickly see that the world we’ve been given is broken and very far from God’s design. This release from J.Walker of TLD takes us on a walk around the city as the next generation tries to make their way through the environment they find themselves in.

The single gives an insight into the mindset of a young teen observing the world around him and trying to flourish.

He is faced with the challenge of trying to remain holy when everyone around him seems to wish him harm. He is aware of how his actions will be viewed by his peers and the need to not appear weak as this ultimately can make you more vulnerable. 

He looks for help and tries to find answers using the knowledge he has while trying to gain the respect of others.

The track can’t help but bring to mind Psalm 119:9, “how can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to Your Word”.

There will be so many things in the world that threaten to sway, influence and crush young people on their path. The world communicates a different message to young people than God’s Word. 

Living for the Lord does not begin when we are older because we are not guaranteed that, living for the Lord begins at the earliest possible moment, even better when you are young.

God’s Word is that guide in a world full of noise and distractions. God’s Word teaches us wisdom, helps us to be on guard, and shows us the joy of waking in the way of truth.

‘These Streets’ for everyone, young and matured. Give it a close listen and a share if you resonate with it too!

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