Gabrielle Robinson – The Secret Place (poem)

Sometimes it can be hard or difficult to come before God and really say what you want to say. For me at the time I wrote this poem, I assumed the secret place was only a place to go when you were hurting or had something to confess. But I then realised that it’s a place you come to not only unload your guilt and fears, but it’s a place to go to worship and honour Him.

A place I find hard to come into 
Because I assume I am not worthy to enter in
I confine this space to my room
But it should be a place I can entre at any time, anywhere
It is not bound to four walls
It is not a box I step in and out of
It is a place I should go to when I need to rest
When I need to clear my head
Where I come to meet you
To talk with you
To be with you
A quite place
A safe place
Where I can be vulnerable with you
I can lay my broken heart and my tears at your feet 
And know you will hold them safely
As if holding a new-born baby
You will comfort me
Reveal things unto me
It is where you commune with me
Its a place where I sing praises to you 
A place where my spirit can connect with yours
As it was created to do. 

Written by Gabrielle


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