The PIA World Tour Is Coming To London | Daily Hydration #2

“Whatever circumstance that you find yourself currently in know that God has given you the ability to create something amazing in it which will help you out.”

Hope your day has been blessed and fruitful! Despite the rain today in my area I have felt motivated as ever and looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for me and Gospel Hydration this month. I’ve had some amazing meetings (Phone Conversations) today with my family at A Step FWD and my partner in crime and head of music operations here at Gospel Hydration Victizzle. Before I go in to these meetings in more depth lets find out what is new today 🙂

What is new today?

Today we had a new music video submission from J. Lee The Producer feat. Marcellus Coleman. I’m always excited about new submissions because I like to know what new sounds are being created and also what new tracks I can add to my playlist. In this track J. Lee The Producer says “Rightly was a journey of a song. The hook came from a spontaneous moment in a live worship set with my friend. The rest of the song was pre-written and sitting in my notes on my phone. I don’t remember the original melody of the song but, I do remember that the song came from a broken place and remembering God’s character to lift how I was feeling at the time.” It is so amazing how the beauty of music can be created from such broken places. It reminds you of how God created the Earth that it was birthed out of a void and dark place. It gives you hope that whatever circumstance that you find yourself currently in know that God has given you the ability to create something amazing in it which will help you out. Here is the video have a listen and let me know what you think. 😃

What is on my mind today?

Growth, Partnership and living has been on my mind today. I can sometimes be an individual who is afraid to ask for help or show any kind of weakness to those around me. The term going solo and self made has always haunted me from a young age. From early I’ve had to grind solo for most of the things that I have without any support from family or friends. Not because no one around me could help me. It was mostly because the fear of rejection was greater than the faith inside of me to ask for help. As I grew older however and after reading / listening to the new testament I realised that community was a recurring theme throughout and so important to growth both spiritually and physically. From that moment I worked hard to make sure I focused on building relationships and never working solo on a project ever again. Today I had the opportunity to build on another partnership for Gospel Hydration with “A Step Fwd – Christian Music Chart” which I can’t wait to talk to you about. At the moment it is a bit of a secret. What I can tell you however is that it involves offline events 😃 so keep your eyes peeled for that. Also there is an amazing event coming up this month in London feat some of the worlds biggest Christian spoken word artists PIA make sure to check them out and check the event out if you are able to make it.    

What have I been listening to / watching today?


Today again I read a little bit of “Tools Of Titans” by Tim Ferris. The more I read it however the more I feel as though I need to write a Christian Faith based version I would love to read the tactics, routines and habits of Kings, Prophets a people of God back in the Bible times and now days. Let me know if this would be a good idea in the comments below.


I also watched a online entrepreneurship seminar by social media influencer Gary Vaynerchuck. He dropped some real wisdom keys on entrepreneurship in this video and the importance of using social media ads to the fullest when communicating a message. I don’t  watch him often though as the bad language is really a turn off for me and being an individual of Faith myself the way you communicate is so important our words should be faith and love filled not with offense.


I’ve been listening to “The Rain” today (laugh out loud) literally the rain sound outside is so peaceful and calming to me. I work better when I’m able to connect to nature in some way whether it is hearing the rain or taking walks in nature parks the air and scenery is so soothing. God’s creation is really something!

Signing out.

Today’s post was a little shorter than my previous one but still packed with something good that you can hopefully take away. Thanks again for reading my post today and connecting with me. I really appreciate you! Have an amazing day and speak soon.
Also just before I forget if you would like to support the work that we do by giving Patreon have an amazing platform and what we receive through it helps us create our live sessions and reach more people worldwide 😃 also Patreons are able to see our live sessions a day before they are released on YouTube.
Have a Blessed day
Derrick Tchie
Gospel Hydration

Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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