The Man Behind Gospel Hydration | Daily Hydration #1

“I see Jesus Music as something that flows like the ocean, water and waves hence the name Gospel Hydration.”

When I begin writing introductions to blog posts I find it difficult to know how to begin. I don’t want it to sound too formal like “Dear Reader or subscriber” I’ll leave that to the big organisations and cold calling companies. I think I will start this post and future articles with just “Family”. The reason being is that as the man behind Gospel Hydration I want to be able to connect with you as people instead of subscribers / followers on social media. I’m not trying to build a business I’m trying to make a tangible difference in our modern day culture. Music impacts mankind as a whole and is the only thing on the planet that we all respond to. Gospel Hydration will grow throughout the world as a platform for music of substance, love, power and Spirit. I see Jesus Music as something that flows like the ocean, water and waves hence the name Gospel Hydration. Let me pause here though as I need to get on to the next section of the post and I can get really excited and go on for days about Gospel Hydration if given free reigns. If you want to know more about us check out our “About Page” there is a bit more information there.

What is new today?

I’m quite excited about today because we have a new submission from an artist who has been working back to back recently with my good friend Victizzle. They’ve been working on some crazy projects in the studio and this track is one of my favorites. His name is J Vessel a UK based musician who has created a strong buzz throughout the UK. His new track “looking for me” has had my head bumping all weekend so much so that I had to add it to our spotify playlist. Here is his music music video for looking for me with guest appearances from artists Faith Child & A-Star.

What is on my mind today?

With it being Easter weekend my thoughts have been on how much more I need to do in improving my relationship with Jesus. Sometimes we get to comfortable in our daily lives just carrying the status of a Christian with not much relationship with Christ Himself. I’ve been thinking up ways to work on this and build my relationship with Him. One activity I definitely need to make into a habit is quiet time with just Him and His Word daily. The cares of the world always seem to creep up and take priority over our relationship with Him. Let’s try to fix that and improve our awareness of when our relationship is slightly lacking. If you have any tips on how you’ve been able to improve and work on your day to day relationship with Jesus that has helped let me know in the comments below. 😃

What have I been listening to / watching today?

Today so far I have read a little bit of the book “Tools Of Titans” by Tim Ferris. The book is in the personal development category and shares the different tactics, routines and habits of Billionaires, Icons (I don’t like this word) and World-Class Performers. I’ve been reading this book for a while and it has helped with the building process of Gospel Hydration and helps me not make as many mistakes in the growth stages which I find is so important in a time where failure is celebrated. King Solomon said that “A wise man learns from others mistakes not his own.” and I walk by this word and many others when it comes to life, assignment and gifting. Learning is the key!
I also watched a film called “Valerian” which was quite interesting. I think that I was captured by it mostly because I saw Rhianna on the cover lol. The film itself was ok though and had a good message throughout one of love over law and forgiveness of those who have done wrong against you. I don’t know if i’d recommend it because it was just an ok film not an amazing one. One film I am looking forward to seeing at the moment however is “Ready Player One” directed by the one and only Steven Spielberg so it definitely has a lot of hype behind it. I might have to check it out this week.
 Listening to
What I’ve been listening to today are songs mostly on Gospel Hydrations Spotify playlist (Which you should check out and follow if you haven’t already.) Jay Broader, Nkay, Marc Jones and Danielle Apicella have been some of the highlights of today check it out through this link.

Signing out.

Just before I head off today I just want to say thank you for your support of Gospel Hydration so far. You’ve contributed to us reaching over 2 million people through youtube, over 20,000 subscribers and connections with some of the biggest Christian organisations worldwide. Hopefully I can write an article like this daily it will be a bit of a challenge but it is definitely something that I think is possible so I’ll have a go 😃  If you would like to connect more with me directly check me out on instagram and twitter I post more frequently on them platforms. 
Also just before I forget if you would like to support the work that we do by giving, patreon have an amazing platform and what we receive through it helps us to create our live sessions and reach more people worldwide 😃 also patreons are able to see our live sessions a day before they are released on youtube. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post today and would love your feedback on how we can improve as a platform, what you would like to see/hear more of and if you think these daily blog posts from me are a good idea let me know in the comments below.
Have a Blessed day 
Derrick Tchie 
Gospel Hydration  

Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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