Team Obedience

A week ago a friend and I went to Greenwich park for a meet up with Team Obedience. They are a fellowship group founded by Demi Irawo in 2016. I had recently joined their WhatsApp group and they were hosting a meet up. When we arrived at the park we were warmly welcomed by Demi, his fiancé, and a few other members of the obedience team. Once more people arrived, we started worship. Then the games begun! We started off with rounder’s which I haven’t played since secondary school. Knowing that it was my game I jumped at the chance to play. I am not going to lie I cannot remember if my team won, but we did win the relay race. The whole event was wonderful, the people, the atmosphere, and the pizza. It felt amazing to socialise again and with other likeminded Christians as well was defiantly needed. I can’t wait to see everyone again! To check them out and find out more click the link below

Written by Gabrielle


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