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Renzo BA drops a banger from his recent project “Hot, Luke Warm & Cold” ft R-Scar and St Saint “

Renzo BA has dropped a new Afro Swing single, and oh how it is a tune! “Hot Lukewarm or Cold” Feat. R-Scar & ST-Saint. These lyrics will leave you convicted, but with...

Wole Agbaje drops his brand new single “All Praises” ft Saint CJ and R-Scar

Wole Agbaje is back and kicking with his brand new release "All Praises". Featuring up and coming UK Christian artists Saint CJ and R-Scar. Bringing that R&B vibe to UK Christian music...

Dia Day is back with Hydration Conversations ft Saint CJ

Dia Day is back with Hydration Conversations an At Home Edition ft Emerging UK artist Saint CJ. Due to the Lockdown at present we have created a spin of series from the...

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