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Looking for a good Christian Lofi playlist on Spotify?

Christian Lofi / Chillhop is such an amazing genre to be coming out of the scene. From artists like Montell fish to Isaac Wheadon and Eluzai. The scene is growing in...

Christian Lofi Music Spotify Playlist

Christian lofi has been slowly climbing the ranks in the Christian music scene. A few years back you would be scraping a few artists who done lofi music then you would hear...

Sarah Juers is coming to London in March with Montell Fish!!!

This announcement is a huge one for us at Gospel Hydration being big fans of both Montell fish and Sarah Juers. March the 19th can't come soon enough The Dogstar Brixton is...

A Night With Montell Fish Playlist

In celebration of our upcoming event "A Night With Montell Fish" we thought that it would be a good idea to get you in the mood for an amazing night with an...

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