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Andy Mineo’s Never Land II

Andy Mineo released his highly anticipated album, Never Land II. I stayed up to listen to it at midnight, and this one of my favorite projects by Andy Mineo. Easily one of...

10 Iconic Christian Hip-Hop tracks that brought heart to the CHH scene

Christian Hip-Hop has had it's fair bit of comments, criticism and hate/love relationship over the years. However no matter what anyone says about the Christian Hip-Hop scene there have been many tracks...

Andy Mineo’s Work in Progress

Andy Mineo's new project is a collection of unreleased songs interweaved with clips of a podcast. I love this because if you're a Andy Mineo fan, it gives you a chance to...

Komenz – New Me (Instrumental)

Christian producer drops Andy Mineo "Heartbeat" Remix Instrumental "New Me" check it out below. Check out more from komenz by following him on Social Media. Links are below. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/komenzmusic/   

25 Christian songs that are not cheesy

There has been a very common belief that most Christian music is very cheesy and that it is not as good as the mainstream music that is regularly in the charts or...

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