Storytellin Jordan – Seek First

This song is a little reminder that we need to keep up the faith in times of troubles, Jesus is with you regardless of whether you think He is present or not. 

The truth is that we are the ones who tend to drift from God and that is why we think He is so far away. We are the ones not present in the relationship. 

God sees all our needs, He sees our deepest desires and thoughts. But our job is not to dwell on the things we do not have but to seek first the kingdom of God. 

Our desires and decisions need to be lined up with His will for our lives. 

There are worse things than not having food, shelter, clothes… He saved us from the very worst. 

So repent and believe the Gospel. He is our only hope and there is nothing more valuable than Jesus Christ. 

You may say that Christ comes first, words don’t mean a thing, God looks at how you spend your time, He looks at the heart and ultimately how we spend our time tells and reveals what is truly in our hearts. 

Where does your time go? If I saw a recording of your day, would it say that you are seeking first the kingdom of God?

Or will it prove that you care more for yourself? 

Thank you to the artists for spending time on this song. It truly opens eyes and I pray that it blesses many Christians and many lost souls around the world.

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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