Stefan Green drops Battlefield

Stefan Green an upcoming worship artist who is from Cape Town, South Africa releases his song battlefield. He is a person who has seen the true broken nature of human beings that begs for the grace of Jesus.

He has co-written songs such as ‘Grateful’ with over 3.3 million views and ‘I can’t believe’ with over 6 million views on YouTube alone. Contributing to a GMA Dove award worship album nomination with songs on Here As in Heaven and There Is A Cloud.

He is also a songwriter and worship leader for Hillsong South Africa’s worship team for the last decade, He has created alongside Elevation Worship, Localsound, Lifeworship, Bridge Worship and many more. Written and collaborated with Steven Furtick, Chris Brown and Brandon Lake and many others.

The song ‘Battlefield’ as he says took form while he was walking through seasons in life where he felt as if God’s hand in his life would expire, but time proved God’s love more than he had ever known before and proved him wrong.

I finally realised during the battles that when conflict feels it is at its worst, He’s not anywhere besides by side.

– Stefan Green

The song battlefield he says is not a place of defeat, but of new beginnings.

Just like a volcano, war can destroy but it can also create the most beautiful landscapes and give way to new beginnings, the battlefield is a place of refining and equipping and less of punishment as I had viewed it as before. This song is for the ones walking through depression, anxiety, pain and trauma that haunts you no matter how hard you pray, sing or fast. I hope you walk away from this song and realise you have a companion on your battlefield, and the battlefield belongs to Him.

– Stefan Green

The question this song leaves me with is, Are you trusting or even seeing God as your companion? It is time to let go of your own strength and understanding because God alone is who we should rely on and He is the only one who can bring us out of darkness, out of the storm and struggles we are facing.

Jesus died so we could be free from all evil. So put your trust in what He has done, put your trust in the fact that He truly loves and cares for you regardless of your occupation, the way you look, the things you have done. He has come to set you free.

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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