Shimon – Esé ft Afolake

Esé ”literally means “ Thank you ”. This new single was made in collaboration with Atlanta based Gospel Artist Afolake. Afolake is the artist behind Gospel Hydration’s top song of 2020 “Satisfy” and on her first collaboration, her lyrical and vocal excellence does not disappoint. Afolake and Shimon have made an alluring song that preaches the gospel in every line but also brings dancing to your feet in glory to our heavenly Father. “ Esé ”is a song of thanksgiving for all seasons as in truth, what else can we say to God but “Thank you”.

This song is a beautiful work of art. It truly reflects the power of God or His work in the things around us. The singer/writer of this song mentions that when He looks out to the sea, He sees God’s mighty power. So the question is “Are we thankful?”

It is such a blessing to have our God in control. Because what would the world look like without Him? Imagine if we had no one in control of the universe, trees would stop producing oxygen and gravity would no longer keep us on the floor of the earth. 

We need to truly appreciate how powerful God is. God being powerful does not make Him too far for us to reach and speak to, Although we humans honestly have disappointed God many times, He is still faithful, forgiving and ever-present in our lives, He listens to our prayers. 

So when we go about our days we need to truly realise that the very breath we are breathing has been gifted to us by our powerful God and what we do with that breath in our lungs honestly determines whether we serve the King or not. 

With every breath, we need to be thankful, we need to praise Him not only in song but in deeds towards others. We need to set the bar. Are you living a life that represents Jesus? If you are a Christian and were standing for trial, is there enough evidence to point to the fact that you are a Christ-follower? Are you thankful for all He has done for us? 

Being grateful is not only saying you are thankful, it is about living a life that shows appreciation and shows respect. 

These are the messages I am receiving from this song.

Let us reflect on this beautiful song and take its message into our daily walk with God. This is the point of a Christian community. To truly support each other’s art and to truly use our art to glorify God and to speak into the lives of those who experience it. 

Thank you to the artists for your amazing work and I hope and pray that those who listen to your music will be blessed and strengthened by its words.  

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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