Shawna Cain releases Woke (Farrah’s Confession) Feat. Farrah Hodgson

This new single called woke is definitely a very impressive track. It screams Christian woman empowerment to me. From the raps to the singing, it is great quality and absolutely amazing.

These women truly bring the fire in terms of their words.

Shawna Cain’s beautiful voice combined with her wonderful talent and passion for writing is well paired with Farrah’s confession. Bringing us not just a song but an Anthem of power.

This song is a reminder of where our value comes from, that it truly lies within. This song also speaks about who God is about all He has done for us, that He made us for Himself.

This song is testimony of someone who found pleasure in things of the world and material things, but God came down and turned her life around, He gave her inner freedom.

This song’s goal is to ignite a spark within you the listener, to see the truth about the freedom you receive through repentance from your sin and turning in trust to Jesus.

Our lives are filled with lessons regardless of the struggles we may face, we just need to see it God’s way. This song represents breakthrough, overcoming and blessing, not material blessing but something way greater and that is freedom in the name of Jesus. So be Woke! In the Christian sense because there is no greater love than this.

This song is not only a song to enjoy but a song to truly learn from. Hope that you are blessed by this piece of art.

A big thank you to Shawna Cain & Farrah Hogdson for ‘Woke’.

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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