Shammimv drops her new track keep going with dope visuals

Christian artist Shammimv just dropped her brand new song “Keep Going” and motivational track to encourage us to keep pushing and growing through our setbacks and pain.

How Shammimv describes her song “Keep Going”, a song about mental illnesses, depression, and suicide is the introduction to SHAMMIMV’s Lost City Project. The project seeks to explore the brokenness of humanity through the eyes of the artist as she goes through many waves of changes in her life. The single “Keep Going” speaks of her battle with suicidal thoughts and depression. Although this song takes us into the dark places of the mind of the artist, it shines a light on the worldwide search and longing for Hope, Restoration, Peace, and Love. These four pillars form the base of the “Lost City Project” and are introduced to the world through “Keep Going”.

Check out the visuals below and let us know what you think by giving it a like, share and comment.

Check out the track now available on all streaming platforms Apple Music, Spotify.

Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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