Savour in the Uplifting and Healing Tune, “Awesome God” From the Album, “Inception” by Multi-Talented Gospel Singer Kayceelyrikz


Kayceelyrikz is a UK-based contemporary recording and performing gospel singer and songwriter who has a penchant for writing and singing songs of praise to Jesus and passing that message of devotion and hope through God the father. With the dedication and inspiration to carry forward the message of Christ, Kayceelyrikz has always sought from deep within his heart in order to bring his vision to life. By blending excellent musicianship and inspirational harmonies, he is able to design touching sounds that people of all cultures can listen to and resonate with on a deeper level.

He recently released his 10-song album, “INCEPTION”- a debut collection with soul-lifting melodies and deeply impactful messages of hope through Jesus Christ. This is one of those albums you just get lost in as you gather so much spirit and inspiration from the soulful melodies, the testimonies, and the words of victory amidst the uncertainties surrounding the world during these moments!

The uplifting track, “Awesome God” is off of this album and this powerful tune has lyrics that find hope and strength in the presence of the almighty God. Kayceelyrikz’s heartfelt, soulful and spirited performance transports a listener to the heavens before the presence of the Savior and reaches deep within a listener’s heart with the way he emotionally performs this tune.

The backing vocals at some point do well to make this an emotionally pulling praise song and the colorful bed of support offered by the splendid instrumentation also makes its mark in a listener’s soul as they get uplifted through the melody and lyrics throughout the track’s length. The melodies here are really touching and the words behind the lyrics the more fulfilling!

I can easily recommend this tune to anyone as it allows you to lose all your worries to the Lord our God and savior. Stress no more for he knows it all and sees it and will deliver you from the engulfing shackles of darkness that you might be trapped in.

To get your heart touched and blessed at the same time; follow the attached Spotify link to stream and save “Awesome God”- also listen to the other tracks that make the “INCEPTION” album and find out the tracks that you most resonate with.


Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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