Sarah Téibo releases her latest album “Restored” today!

“Having recently made headlines with two of her latest singles, ‘Victory’ which peaked at Number 1 in the UK Christian Chart and ‘Secure’ which entered the Billboard Gospel Indicator Chart, Sarah Téibo unveils her third studio album ‘Restored’.”

It is my hope that the songs on the album ‘Restored’ would help people make deeper connections with God and the world serve as useful resources in their personal and corporate worship experiences. “Sarah who has worked to make these songs available not only on all digital music stores but also on platforms like multitracks, where worship leaders and choirs can access them for use as worship resources and in their meetings. 

When listening to this album, it has brought me such joy and peace. Thank you Sarah for all your hard work in creating this masterpiece. 

Out of all her wonderful songs, Restore is one of my absolute favourites and it resonates with me so much. When listening to her sing this beautiful piece, I definitely hear the relief, the chains falling off of her and I hear someone who has been set free by Jesus.

In this song she points to Him telling you that you need to look no further, He is the one who made me whole, not me, He did. I believe when you listen to this song she wants the same for you. Do yourself a favour and go and have a listen to her new album. 

Share it with your friends and your fellow church members because this album is meant to be shared and sung by a full congregation. It is designed so specifically for that purpose. 

Thank you again Sarah for this gift you have given us. Thank you that you are using your talents to glorify God and build His Kingdom. I truly appreciate you and I am

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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