Ryan Hylton – I See Fire [Kingdom Refix] (Music Video)



Have you ever heard Ed Sheeran’s “I see fire”?  Well, this is a refix of that amazing song, Ryan has put together a remix of this song and gave it Christian spice. The lyrics in this retake are just so amazing. 

The song calls out everyone who has not taken Jesus Christ as their LORD and saviour. The word fire in this song speaks of a reality for those who are living in the world. 

We all think we are good people who have not done anything wrong, but when it comes to scripture, it says differently. 

You shall not lie, if you have ever lied before, it is a sign you are not a good person, even if you’ve only told a white lie, even if you only lied once. 

You shall not steal, steal something small? Even if it is from your parents? 

You shall not commit adultery, ever look at someone with lust in your heart? Yes, that counts too. 

Being a good person is not easy especially with the nature we have, we have a nature that is stained by sin and sort of leads us into things, places or actions that deliberately rebel against God.  

The very first truth of healing is by realising the issues we currently have, taking note of our condition. This condition leaves us helpless. We literally cannot do anything to get out of hell. Literally. 

That is why Jesus isn’t a free get out of hell card. He is the one who does the saving, He is the one who can cure your condition. 

Do you feel guilty for your sin? Do you feel sorry? Sorry that you hurt God with your sin? 

Yes, your sin hurts our Father in heaven because he created you for a purpose, He created you in His own image and by sinning, you are offending that image.

Technically speaking, you are ruining yourself. His love for us is something we can’t really understand because down here we do not experience that sort of love from other people. 

God went so far as to die so you could be set free from the wages of your sin. 

 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

– ROMANS 6:23

There are two different kinds of death. Death of the body and there is the death of the spirit. The Bible tells us to not fear man but fear Him who can destroy both and not just flesh. 

And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell

– MATTHEW 10:28

We need to repent, we need to beg for His forgiveness. Most of us have an issue with begging because we do not like to submit to anything, we want to be in control, by nature we want to be gods. Yet that is not going to work out so good for us in the end, because there is only one God and a bunch of pretenders. 

Let us not let it end in fire, but let it end in the hands of God. It is time we call out His name before it is too late. 

Thank you to Ryan Hylton for sharing this epic song with us and truly spreading the Gospel through your talent. 



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