Ricochet by Black Moose

I’ve been inspired by seeing fallen men & women returning back to Christ.

Black Moose

When listening to this song you can clearly hear the inspiration behind it. As Christians we are in a constant battle. It is not only a battle with people but it is with powerful supernatural forces that we honestly can’t see (Ephesians 6).

So when you are in a deep hole, when you feel like you are covered by darkness, it is because the enemy is out to get you. But Why?

You are a threat. You are a threat to evil because you belong to Jesus who is all good, who is all gracious, loving and merciful. The Devil never bothers someone who isn’t bothered about Christ, He tries His utmost best to confuse God’s children.

What I truly love about this song is that it encourages its listeners to ‘bounce back’, ‘to ricochet’. Once the enemy tries to take us down we show Him that we are able to rise above anything he throws at us. Whether it be losing your job, you don’t let that get to you because we know that there is greater things ahead for us because we serve THE King.

Bounce back!

As a child of God you have a duty to bounce back.

Ricochet from unforgiveness, Ricochet from pride, Ricochet from sin. Regardless of how far you’ve walked in the darkness, Jesus is waiting for you to return to your rightful place.

He loves you. Don’t you ever give up.

Thank you Black Moose for this amazing piece of art. it is truly an inspiration.

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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