Ray drops his new track “I Wanna Tell You Something” following the passing of his dad to covid19

Brooklyn Christian Hip Hop artists Ray just dropped his brand new track “I Wanna Tell You Something” following the passing of his dad due to covid19. Being able to create something so beautiful through a tough season really takes the strength of God to hold you up.

“It’s been a month since my Father passed. It’s still hard for me to accept, I wake up sometimes and it just doesn’t feel real to me. My dad was my biggest supporter in music and in life. He used to send my videos to everyone on his WhatsApp, then send me a voice note saying, “this one’s going to pop like popcorn!”. Small moments like that, when he would just make me laugh, is everything I miss right now. This is the hardest song I have ever had to write, every line sent me into tears. Even recording it, I couldn’t get through the second verse without crying. But I wanted to make something special for you, something to make you smile.

As the weeks pass by I see more and more of my friends lose parents, family members, and loved ones to COVID-19. I have had friends reach out to me who have lost a parent at a young age; and it breaks my heart knowing I didn’t understand the extent of their pain back then. But you can’t really understand losing someone until you have experienced it yourself. My girl also lost her grandma the month before, so imagine us trying to be there for one another when we haven’t even made sense of our own pain yet. It’s been rough, but I know God is watching over us. For anyone who has ever lost someone, I hope this song helps you heal, helps you grieve, and helps you celebrate your loved ones. Dad, I hope you’re dancing up in heaven.” -Ray

Check out the song below it is also available on all digital music streaming platforms

Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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