A truth we are not ready to face.


Did you know that you and I are literally being conditioned to be impatient? With everything being so instant, fast-food… it has become easier to create a nation that is constantly expecting something immediate all the time. We get angry if we can’t have it now, right? It needs to be perfect in a very short time. 

What is consumerism in simple words?

Consumerism is the idea that increasing the consumption of goods and services purchased in the market is always a desirable goal and that a person’s wellbeing and happiness depend fundamentally on obtaining consumer goods and material possessions.

We all have become consumers. But there is something deeper to this. It cannot be a coincidence that one of the fruits of the Spirit is patience and the whole world right now is being taught to become the opposite. 

Industries such as the porn industry does the exact same thing, which is an attack on the family dynamic. As we speak millions of people are affected by porn. Did you know that the statistic of viewers of porn worldwide is 100 % men and 85% women? 

Yes, Porn is not just a man’s problem, women struggle with it too. Studies have been done to see how porn affects the brain and the results came back that it creates a fake image of what sex truly is, leaving millions running back to something that is not real. Leaving them in frustration because their spouses cannot fulfil their idea of what sex should be. 

Why do I mention this you ask? 

Because of the human condition, the sinful flesh is impatient and does not want to wait for the real deal. We would rather have unhealthy fast food than cook real food, we would rather watch a 10-sec Tik-Tok than a full sermon, we would rather experience fake sex because we have easy access to it on our phones than wait for the real thing in marriage. 

It is time for our nation to take a fast from the fast food, A fast from the easy access, A fast away from the fast life. Because we are feeding a monster within each and every one of us. 

Scripture reveals to us what truly is wrong with the human condition but we tend to fall back into this comfortable realm that we prefer. We say we want to change and we want to be healthy and that God comes first. But our very choices, attitudes and thoughts scream that we worship a totally different god that is eating at the very essence of who we are meant to be. FREE. 

Yes, patience is waiting for God to move, waiting on His word for you to make choices, waiting on Him to provide, waiting on Him to come back but patience is also a mirror and contrast to our very nature. 

We need to be saved, we need mountains to move in order for our very hearts to be changed. What have we become as a society? A lazy bunch who are not patient enough to wait an hour before we get fed and not even by our own hands but by the claws of a fast food joint feeding us food that was specifically made with the right balance of preservatives, sugars and salts to make us want more. Killing humanity by using their own weakness against them. Drug addicts we are. 

Worshipping a different God and we don’t even see it. 



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