O’tobi – Answer


This song is really one of those that will be on my daily playlist because it reminds us who God is. At the beginning of the song, we see the artist calling God using a telephone analogy and God picks up. 

This song is a testimony and declaration that God answers prayer and he remains the only one we can always call and rely on.

– O’tobi

God picks up every call, He hears all of us and He 100% answers. There are about 7 billion people on the planet but God knows each and every one of us inside and out. So when we call on His name He waits to listen, anxious to hear from you. 

The artist submits himself to God in this song and God prospers his ways. In response to that the artist praises God saying he lifts up his eyes to him, he lifts up his arms to him, worshipping and praising Him for all He is. 

He honours the name of Jesus, saying that he will always call on Him, follow His way and that Jesus’ way is forever his way now. He also addresses God as the King that answers. He speaks about how this King can do anything and everything, that there is nothing He cannot do. 

Everything comes from Him. God does not disappoint. No matter the situation or season, God knows your heart, mistakes and is willing to listen and give an answer. Our God is a God who Answers. 

Thank you to the artist for sharing this with us. 

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Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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