Oba Reengy – Don’t Leave (Remix) (feat. Royce Lovett)

“Don’t leave” is a Christian song where a young man cries out to Jesus, knowing full well that Jesus himself can walk on water, that He can do miracles but this person craves for the affection of Jesus not for the miracles. 

He wants Jesus by His side more than anything else. Sometimes we all get so stuck into getting the experience and miracles that come with being a Christian and then we sort of lose sight of the God who makes it all happen. 

It is a problem with our human nature, we forever want good things for ourselves, we always want something other than God, we would even go as far as choosing the ability to walk on water, the ability to heal, to prophecy and we forget the saviour. 

How many of us are so tempted to gain recognition for ourselves by performing acts, how many of us do truly care for Jesus? 

If Jesus did not perform any miracles, would He be enough for you? Would you love Him if He did not give you the things you desire? 

See our hearts need to change, Oba Reegny sees Jesus as the king He truly is. Jesus is more valuable than miracles. He is everything we need to pass on to eternal life, but apart from that, He is the one who cares and loves you more than anyone else could possibly love. 

The love of Jesus is that impossible kind of love that we are all seeking. 

Thank you Oba for providing us with insight through your music, keep it up and I pray that people see your heart through what you gave us in this Christian masterpiece. 

If you want to listen to more of Oba Reegny or if you simply want to follow him on social media, below are links that could help you. 


Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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