Not Just A Bumper Sticker



When on my way to work every morning I would come across a car with a bumper sticker at the back with “I Follow Jesus’ printed on it. But it always made me wonder whether the person driving the vehicle truly knew what it was to be a Jesus follower. It also made me think about those Christian T-shirts we would buy at stores, and those crucifix chains we would see people wear around their necks.

Then this would make me think about those people we see on a stage worshipping Jesus in front of crowds. In secret do these people truly mean what they wear?

Do we truly mean the words we sing? Do we truly live for Jesus?

A true follower of Jesus is hard to find nowadays. Christians look so much like the world. Christianity has become an easy title to claim because so many of us are not living the truth we claim to believe. Yes maybe we go to church on a Sunday, Yes maybe people know us to be Christians because we decide we are not drinking at parties. But when we are alone, and our minds are free to roam, where do our thoughts gravitate to?

So many of us say we are Christians but we do not know the Jesus we claim to follow. So I am going to tell you who He is.

Do you know the story of Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden and how Adam & Eve ate of the forbidden fruit from the forbidden tree? Many people think the forbidden fruit was sex but let me correct you it was not. It was a tree. The Serpent tricked Adam & Eve into thinking that if they ate of this tree they would become like God. But we all know the serpent lied because God said that if they eat of the tree, they will surely die. (Genesis 2:16).

When they ate the fruit from the forbidden tree, all of humanity was cursed. Because of humanity’s sinfulness, creation is also affected by this curse. We are sinful creatures now and every day we wake up we can’t help but chase our evil desires, We can hardly keep the 10 rules that God provided us with through Moses. (Exodus 20)

How many times have you lied? How often have you looked at someone else with lust in your eyes and mind? have you ever gossiped? walked past someone who was suffering without food or shelter? How many times have you stolen something even if it was small?

Even if you told one small white lie, that still makes you a liar, even if you stole a cookie out of a cookie jar, that still makes you a thief. Our human condition is corrupted and because of it, we hurt those around us and most importantly we are hurting God.

We humans so easily worship other things? Some of us hold higher regard for our family than we do for Jesus, Some of us spend more time on our phones than we spend time in prayer. Our lives are so occupied by Idols and we think it is innocent?

 But how do we change?

Jesus came to set us free from sin, all sin. He came to change our hearts as the prophets prophesied in the past (Ezekiel 36:28). There is a difference between someone who claims to follow Jesus and someone who actually follows Him. The Word of God shows us this (Galatians 5:22; Romans 12:9-21).

Where do you stand? Claiming to follow Jesus is not enough, it won’t get you into heaven? Stop lying to yourself and start truly committing. This life is short but it is not the only one we get to live!

The Bible says we live for eternity, but not all of us have this eternal life however we all do live forever. I say this because the word life in Eternal life means so much more than just existing. Life itself is Jesus and if we do not have Him, we are not living at all.

Imagine a world where the creator stops governing all things. No Gravity, No matter, No space, No time. We are nothing without Him. The sooner we realize that, the better.

Let us stop allowing a bumper sticker, a Christian T, or Christian music or attending church to define who we are but let us allow Jesus to be the very definition of who we are. 



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