Nigerian Based Multifaceted Artist Paul Rarity Has a New Tremendous Christian-inspired Anthem Dubbed, “The Best”

Paul Rarity

Paul Ekrigwe who goes professionally as Paul Rarity hails from Cross River State in the Southern part of Nigeria and like a breath of fresh air; he has been engineering a very unique style as he seeks to break all the boundaries present in Christian music. He comes through energetic and delivers powerful performances that will always leave you gratified and demanding more. He is now determined to continue pushing his afro-gospel music to the rest of the world and continue healing and inspiring listeners, especially during these tumultuous times that we are currently facing as a universe.

I know a star when I see one and Paul Rarity in fact has that star quality- from his songwriting expertise to his passionate delivery and his overall attitude. He’s got that mojo in him that is associated with mega artists and Nigeria has been one hub of exceptional talent that has given us internationally acclaimed artists such as Sinach, Psquare, Burna and many more- Paul Rarity might be your next big thing!

The single, “The Best” is a very inspiring and catchy track that featured fellow singer, A Mose. This spectacular track has a very catchy, infectious and melodious hook and the way Paul Rarity and A Mose put their heart and soul into this performance is what qualifies it as a timeless masterpiece that you’d listen to all day without getting bored.

The beats reflect that spectacular afrobeat and the vocal presentation as just as emotive, matching the cadence of the beats and giving praise to the Messiah for there is simply none like Him. This is a victory anthem that reminds each and every one of us to be grateful for the salvation from Christ that has gotten us this far for were it not for him, we surely wouldn’t be where we are and that should count for something.

I feel like they were bouncing off each other’s energy for such an accomplished performance as this- it is little wonder why the tune has a staggering over 16 K streams on Spotify in such a short period!

Follow the attached link so as to stream and save, “The Best” as your favorite Gospel anthem. Follow Paul Rarity so as to get real-time updates on his future projects as he takes Nigerian afro-Gospel to the world!


Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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