New York Lyricist and Singer Jelani Aswad Sees, “Death Around the Corner” in His Latest Powerful Single

Jelani Aswad

Jelani Aswad is a native of Spring Valley, New York who has always been in love with music ever since he was a young kid growing up. Having strong foundations in church while growing up, his music today is geared towards finding that hope and inspiration through Christ as he endears to tell the stories of the unheard people from his community through his own artistry and songwriting proving every day to be a man with a towering depth and mammoth heart. Inspired by the drill music scene that was first acclaimed in the UK before spreading to Chicago where it was widely received, his own style of music blends the nostalgic drill with the more futuristic aura of trap and dancehall for a very broad-ranging style of sound!

The powerful and inspiring message behind his own lyricism is what has endeared him to a popular listening loyal base that keeps growing every day. He has a new inspired and blazing single, “Death Around the Corner”- a very intriguing and infectious track that bounces off a listener’s chest right from the intro.

This is a straight banger that has been crafted stupendously with the elements of the synth-heavy drill beats fusing sparklingly with the Caribbean-influenced dancehall vibe for that addicting melody that jumps at a listener with a tremendous amount of rhythm and melody. Jelani Aswad then takes the center stage and laments the untold pain and suffering of the people living in the streets.

This is more than just the powerful and blazing beats, this is the plight of a people transformed into a moving piece of art that so many listeners will be able to deeply resonate with. The tune is about finding Jesus in the middle of your pain through surrender. Sometimes there’s only a facet of God that you can only discover through pain and what you find in him stays with you forever just as this spicy tune will stay in your head long after it is gone!

This is a very powerful track, both in lyricism and melodicism and it has already started amassing thousands of streams in such a short period since it was released!

Follow the attached link and add this tune as a favourite under your playlist for it is undeniably a worthy favourite to elevate any playlist it is added to!


Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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