My Top 5 new Singles/Albums to listen to

I know sometimes trying to find good Christian music can be hard. Weather you are feeling for rap, gospel or alternative. Well here is my top 5 artists with new singles/albums out this year.

1. The Book of Mail – Mali Music is back with a beautiful album. A mix of neo-soul/hip-hop with lyrics that will touch you and have you bopping to the beat.

2. Restoration – Lecrae’s new album is something that allows you an insight into his mind and what he has experienced over the past year. One of my favourite songs Zombie, he speaks about his past but how he overcame.

3. Joppa – Eshon Burgundy is someone who I have only recently found. I am loving his style and flow. He is truthful in what he speaks, and his old school vibe is a whooole vibe.

4. Narrow Gate – Ecclesia has released a new song, with lyrics so correct its amazing. With Influences form across the world in his music, they are like prayers and I love it.

5. On My Way – If you are looking for some Lofi smooth music to just relax to, Montell Fish ft Madison Ryann Ward are a beautiful match together. On My Way will just leave you loving Jesus and being in awe of Him.

Written by Gabrielle


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