MVMNT Music Is Back With a New Single, “Best Medicine”


MVMNT Music is more than just the songs of praise, it is a movement! This collective has been showcasing a different way of creating music that is just as impactful. Their worship songs transcend the four walls of the church and can be enjoyed by people of all backgrounds. MVMNT Music is a multifaceted group that finds expression in making great music that is influenced by everyday happenings and their faith in Jesus Christ. This band is already winning and has been proving that by winning their global listener’s attention, ears and hearts- one song at a time!

The collective is back with another deeply meaningful and therapeutic single titled, “Best Medicine”- a tune that professes what we all need to hear right at this moment where the world has burdened, unburdened and tested us beyond our limits; that Jehovah Rapha is indeed the only and best medicine to cure every amount of ailment that may sometimes bombard us.

This tune is a melodically transcending pop medley with some electronic features; the self-assured and mellifluous lead female vocals take a listener all the way until the end of the track.  A high vitality track with the lyrics expressing gratitude for the immeasurable gift in salvation, this is the kind of tune to get you up on your feet, dancing throughout and casting all your worries unto Jesus even if it’s just for those three minutes.

MVNT Music easily makes this an anthem with the emotionally pulling chorus that is delivered with such passion and power and before you know it, you are drawn in and find yourself just singing along to the easily quotable lines. This is that type of tune that can boost the vibe in any setting and is the best tune to help you cope with sadness, loss, and anguish.

“Best Medicine” builds stupendously and all through some new and innovative ideas in melody and lyrics are added to keep the listener heavily invested. I loved the way it continuously transcends up until the end.

“Best Medicine” is now available for streaming; follow the attached link to stream and save this tune under the favourite section in your playlist. Share it with others and follow MVMNT Music so as to be a part of this inspiring musical journey!


Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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