Mpiwa Gwindi – Tichengete (Keep Us Safe)

This song is called “Tichengete (Keep Us Safe)” and it is written in the Shona language (a Zimbabwean language), sung and produced by Mpiwa Gwindi. The song talks to us in our youth, asking God to keep us safe and keep His guiding light on us as we grow and learn the motions of life. 

This song is the perfect song to listen to if you need comfort. If you want to cast anxieties away. Along with its relaxing melody, you will find words in Shona that is almost quite literally a prayer for safety in a fallen world. 

It speaks about the contrast between what the world gives in return for hard work in contrasts to what God does. We know that God ordains all things and He is the one who gives life. It is His actions, it is His will that keeps us safe. 

So how does God keep us safe? 

God has communicated laws to us in the Old Testament to protect us, He warns us about our sin, He died for our sin, He punishes us when we do things that harm ourselves. 

He is literally the light, the protector and the provider. 

Some of us might not understand the reasons why God has done what He has done, but He knows better and He cherishes us. Our flesh wants us to believe the opposite because the enemy really wants to take hold of us in order for us to stop worshipping God. 

So let us stop our disbelief and really allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and lead us on this path to everlasting life. 

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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