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A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.

Chibuzor Tina Amadi is one of those Christians who doesn’t fit the mold. Her testimony and journey with God speaks volumes of God’s sovereign purpose.

Tina has been a youth leader since the age of 16. While studying for her first degree in Politics and Sociology, she helped build and establish a church in the city of Manchester and has worked on a number of grassroots projects both in London and Manchester. Tina studied Political Science for her Masters degree, specialising in governance and public policy and has since worked in both the private and social sectors.

Her passion and desire is for young people to be excited and proud to be Christians; Christians who dare to be different, are filled with the Holy Spirit and walk in their divine calling and are absolutely radical. Tina believes we are all called to be walking-talking Kingdom representatives who, although may operate in different spheres of society, have one aim and mission: the advancement of God’s Kingdom and the saving of souls.

She recently launched her first book, Kingdom You, which lays out in a uniquely political way, almost everything a Kingdom Citizen needs to know about the Kingdom of God: its rulership, its formation, principles, governance, laws, policies, what the Kingdom is meant to look like and the Kingdom mandate.

Her goal is to establish a venue/space that resembles the Kingdom of God in its entirety; a space that services the community and fulfills the spiritual, social, physical and mental needs of those it comes into contact with especially youth and young adults.

Tina is a mother to a wonderful 10-year-old genius and a youth leader in her home church. She also co-hosts a very successful podcast called Hashtag Scripture, which is sophisticatedly ratchet Word delivery system and topical social Bible study. She also recently started writing for Gospel Hydration (one of the largest Christian music platforms in the world).

I spend most of my time researching and looking up different ways to flourish as a Christian creative in the digital world. I'm based In London, United Kingdom. I became interested in the digital world in 2008 but i've been a creative for way longer than that from when I used to design event flyers for Churches and album artwork for Musicians. I'm also the founder of an incredible Christian music & lifestyle blog called Gospel Hydration.