Melanie’s Top 3


This week has been a special one and I thought that I would share with you my top picks for this week. These are such amazing songs. Hope you enjoy them too.

  1. Da Representa – New Jack Swing

This song has broken the norm and it has been stuck with me all week. The style is so authentic and worthy of a first place. New Jack Swing brings us to our struck a chord with an older generation as well the younger Gen Z’s out there. This is taking Christian Musical art to the next level. It gives us 80s and 90s kids “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” vibes.

2. Isaiah Manifest & Cdaboss – Sound Mind

This is just a song that I adore because it shares with us a powerful testimony. These artists just praise God for giving them a new identity. Jesus is powerful and the world needs to know that.

These two artists do not only rap words but they rap experience and truth. In this well-crafted piece of art, they describe something so powerful and that is the change that comes when you become a born again believer.

“I used to smoke blunts, but I wasn’t blunt with me, Always high, at my lowest, I was underneath, Swore I was woke, but not awake to my reality, I knew of God but I aint know Him at all Fatherly,”

Isaiah Manifest & Cdaboss – Sound Mind

3. Elijah Kyner – Paradise

This song shares with us what we as Christians are truly looking forward to.

Our very longing for paradise is a longing for God because we were made to live in His presence, to be close to Him. When we need rest He should be our place of comfort. When we are sad, He should be the person we go to for Joy.

So these are my top 3 for the week. I hope you enjoy your weekend.



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