Maxfield and Katherine – Hebrews Rest

“Hebrews Rest is a single (from an upcoming album) that captures the essence of the book of Hebrews through meaningful rap and beautiful vocals. The song was mixed and mastered to be of the highest quality: optimized for the best playback on streaming platforms. The song has meaningful lyrics and choruses. The song climaxes by covering the Hall of Faith in an “epic” way.”

We wrote this song after a long season of intense study of the book of Hebrews and how it has impacted our lives. The choruses stress the idea of entering into the Lord’s rest and how to remain in a place of faith.”

– Maxfield and Katherine

I loved this song from the very first moment it started playing. There are some great themes that the artists mention from the book of Hebrews. It is truly impressive and highly artistic. 

If this song is not on your playlist yet, add it to your Bible study playlist. If you want to understand the book of Hebrews through a creative avenue, this song is perfect for listening once you are done reading.

The book of Hebrews unfolds the Gospel in at least five ways:

  • It shows the connection between Christ’s person and his work
  • Shows superiority to Old Testament persons and institutes
  • Underscores humanity’s need for redemption 
  • Warns of apostasy
  • Exhorts professed believers to persevere

The artists have also shown us what the Bible says about those who have had faith. They were all set apart as worshippers of Yahweh. Many characters in scripture failed countless times because of disbelief in God and one of the artist’s mentions is the story in the book of Numbers when the people were too afraid to face their enemies and take the promised land God gave them, because of their disbelief and distrust in God, they were cursed and unable to enter the land the Lord was giving to them. Only their younger generation had the opportunity.

The point is to not be like them, to learn from their mistakes.

Scripture clearly calls us to be Holy, to consecrate ourselves which the artist also mentions in his song. 

An important person when it comes to becoming Holy is the Holy Spirit, through Him we are made new, we grow in christ-likeness. This is an important part of being a Christian. 

Being a Christian does not mean you are perfect but you need to willingly try and represent Jesus, being an ambassador for goodness and holiness. Showing love to all those around you, showing mercy and forgiveness. 

To be set apart is not an easy thing to do every day with the constant noise the world creates about “fitting in”, the world calls you to be different and to stand out but they call you to be separate from God in doing so. That is not what we call standing out from the rest that sounds more like becoming one of them. 

This song also leaves us with a call to action:


The artist is calling you the listener to heed God’s voice, to be obedient, to choose Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. This is a decision that affects not only your life on earth but your life in eternity. 

Thank you to the artists for really putting a whole lot of time into this song, from studying the book of Hebrews to referencing scriptures throughout the Old Testament and New Testament, I can definitely hear the effort and it pays off. Thank you for exalting God in your work and glorifying him through your talent. 

I pray those who listen to your music will be driven to the word of God in a heartbeat. 

You are an inspiration to the Christian community. God bless you

Here are the links to their social media if you are interested in following them: 

Instagram: Music: Music: Camp: Website:

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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