Mama Tee feat. Awipi & Rume – The Glory

Canada based gifted songwriter, Tolu Adeosun aka Mama Tee collaborates with renowned music director and producer Awipi Emmanuel to deliver The Glory featuring vocal powerhouse Rume.

The Glory was birthed after Tolu went through a painful experience in her life. Tolu wrote the song as a statement of her faith in God that He will see her through the journey and that He will be victorious and that He will get the Glory at the end of the day. 

This song is really for anyone that has been through any storm in their Christian walk and has trusted God to see them through it. Indeed God will get the Glory, He has won the battle before it has ever started.

Tolu collaborated with Pastor Emmanuel Awipi after being led by the Holy Spirit to request assistance with her latest project with their mutual friend. Upon hearing Tolu’s request, she reached out to Pastor Emmanuel Awipi in Nigeria, who produced the song and lead vocalist Rume and Jojovocals and Blossom as backup vocalists.

Tolu was born in Nigeria. She, however, immigrated to Canada in 1990. In addition to being a songwriter, she is the CEO of Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice Ent. Inc., a wife, mother, social worker/therapist.

Emmanuel Awipi, aka ‘Grandpa,’ began his musical career in the early 90s as a drummer, keyboardist and guitarist; Emmanuel Awipi, aka ‘Grandpa,’ rose to become a household name in music education, production and songwriting.

With astute musical leadership spanning over 20 years, he has taken on roles such as the Music Director of Faith Arena; and trained several bands and choirs. With several live recordings to his credit, he has written and produced over 30 songs across the globe.

An outstanding voice coach and author of the bestseller ‘Beyond the Music,’ he currently serves as the International Music Director of CGMI. He has ministered with Israel Houghton, Micah Stampley, and Nathaniel Bassey, to mention a few.

When he is not mentoring musical artistry from grassroots to center stage, Grandpa serves as a leadership consultant on a mission to build, train and rebrand the next generation of leaders.

The Glory is an exceptional worship song that will move you to grateful tears knowing that in the stormiest times of your life the battle is already won because Christ is victorious. Yes, tough seasons will come your way and we are told to expect trials, but the greatest difference maker is the fact that God will get the glory out of your story. I hope you are just as blessed by this song. Give these wonderful musicians a listen and a share!

Written by Melissa Mayburgh


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