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As one of our first features on this page Luke James is one of the best creative minds to introduce you guys to. Jazz pianist and painter, he marries his music and art together. By creating pieces that make you step back and see the world from a simple yet beautiful perspective. On his YouTube channel he is invested in his passion of visual Art and Ambience that fuses art and ambient piano music. Uploading time lapses of his paintings (accompanied by piano and ambient soundscapes) that are not only satisfying to watch but experience.

Sand and Solitude, April 2020

I completed this work at the onset of lockdown. It was a time of global uncertainty and isolation. The beach is baron apart from a single figure, a crescent moon above, and a vast ocean. I think there is something intriguing about the ocean – it has this immense power while being a place of stillness and contemplation. The figure is alone, but the moon hangs above as a loyal friend and the ocean offers its calming hush.

Something Like Eternity, April 2020

In this painting the tree offers shelter from the sun’s rays. There is an exaggerated contrast of size between the figure and tree to express my feelings of majesty and awe towards nature. As with most of my work this painting is quite simple and leaves room for interpretation.

A Fisherman Waits, May 2020

A study of patience, suspense, and mystery. Again, I find myself drawn to the ocean! The fishermen wait patiently for a catch, surrounded by the vast expanse of water – one wave and the boat could be engulfed. There is truly little context, the fishermen are lost at sea amongst a swirling ocean and I like the idea that this private moment has been captures. There is a feeling of intimacy.

If you would like to find out more about Luke and what he does, you can find him on Instagram:

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