LOST by longliveadamariz

“LOST” is the 1st single from the Finding Myself EP which is set to release in December. This song was a short freestyle I made a few days after a car accident that left me feeling lost. The incident reminded me of the first accident. It brought in a lot of suicidal thoughts and I found music was my only escape from those thoughts.

“LOST”, like many of my songs, serves as a reminder of God’s protection in my life. That even when I felt at my lowest and lonely, He was there to help restore me. A line that is repeated twice in the song “wondering what life costs” holds so much meaning to me. 

I describe in verse 2 that I had many materialistic things in high school but still felt unhappy and like I had no purpose. I wondered frequently why Jesus would die on a cross for me and why He would go through that for someone who felt unworthy. I end verse 2 saying “God gave me another chance to get right, but it’d take 2 more years for me to fix my life”. 

In those 2 years I felt a lot of pain but even more of God’s protection from situations I put myself in. Despite random waves of feeling lost, hopeless, unworthy, and without purpose, this song and video is meant to remind anyone who listens that if God brought me out of that, He can also save them.” – longliveadamariz

This song certainly serves as a reminder that no one is too far gone. He says in scripture that His purpose for coming to earth was to save the lost. 

Luke 19:10 – “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” 

If you feel lost, estranged, unworthy or unwanted He is calling you to come to Him. He desires to give you life and to restore your hope. You are never too lost, He is only a prayer away.

Written by Melissa Mayburgh


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