longliveadamariz – Real Talk

“Real Talk” is a song where the artist confesses her feelings. She is real about situations she has been in and how she responded to them and where it has led her now. 

“When I first heard the beat by Opto, I immediately wrote to it. Jericko’s hook makes the song whole. Jericko captured the essence of being in despair, yet still rejoicing in the Lord despite of everything.” -longliveadamariz

Real Talk. We all need to confess our feelings and sins not only to fellow believers but to God. Did you know it is okay to vent? It is but only to one. God himself. There is a book in the Bible devoted to venting and lamenting. Lamentations. 

We all are not perfect and we all have had darkness touch our lives. There is no shame in confessing your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, the things that you think disqualify you… they don’t. Real Talk. Jesus takes the worst and makes it beautiful. 

By His grace, we are redeemed and made new. Jesus is Lord, You need Him and so do I. That is the most real message you will hear. 

Real Talk, I enjoyed this song and I advise you to check it out. Longliveadamariz has true talent. I attached a few links for you to click on. Enjoy

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Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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