Christian artist LongLiveAdamariz recently dropped her E.P Finding Myself and it’s such a breath of fresh air. When Adamariz talks about her new project she says.

FINDING MYSELF” is a peak into my brain. It’s vulnerable and relatable. At some point we all go through moments where we feel as if we have lost ourselves. This final track of the “FINDING MYSELF EP” ties in to “LOST” and HE AIN’T GO AWAY” because it shows why I had to find myself. I became so “LOST” in life’s problems that I forgot that “HE AIN’T GO AWAY”, (God is He). In the midst of this confusion of who I am, I found myself, my sound, refined who I am in God, and why I make music. “LOST” has surpassed 12k streams and “HE AIN’T GO AWAY” is close to hitting 5k streams on Spotify.

Check out the full project on Spotify below.



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