Limoblaze | Artist of The Year 2020

When discussing with the team who should be artist of the year, Limoblaze took the category without any debate. When it comes to pure work ethic and quality of music, Limoblaze is unmatched in the year 2020. From albums, to EPs, to collaborations; Limoblaze is the top artist of the Christian music scene as a whole.

Afrobeats Rap and Jesus, Certified Classic

Limoblaze dropped his classic album in December of 2019 titled, Afrobeats, Rap & Jesus, but the album soared into the new year making it the soundtrack of 2020. AND. EVERY. SONG. WAS. A. BANGER. “Your Love”, “Give Myself Away”, “24 Hours”, “Grace”, “For Me”, etc; are still on heavy rotation. Your favorite Limo song is probably on this album. On top of that he had a different artist on every song, sharing his platform with the artists around him which is what we need more of in the Christian music scene. We also see the impact on the culture the album had with dancers from all over the world, and of all different ages, creating dance videos on Youtube and Instagram to their favorite song. Afrobeats, Rap & Jesus, was the album we needed in 2020.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

The Blow My Mind Ep, is the definition of the gift that keeps giving. An Ep full of remixes to the song, Blow My Mind. Limoblaze continuing to give back, bringing artists from all over the globe together. Creating dream collaborations, in every genre you enjoy listening to. From a UK Remix to even a Latin Remix. I couldn’t decide which remix I loved more. That was the beauty of it. Which was your favorite remix to, Blow My Mind?

Reaching New Heights

Limoblaze landed on, Reach Records Summer ’20 Album/Playlist this year. We really feel like this was the highlight of the project. Limo shines on the record not only taking full advatange of the opprotunity by creating a banger. But also creating an anthem for everyone around the world facing injustice. A song of awareness but also full of hope. This song encouraged all of us this year allowing us to push through… and hold on the little longer.

The Headliner

This year we hosted our first annual, Gospel Hydration Festival. Limoblaze’s performance was amazing. He really made us feel like we were all in the crowd jamming along with him. This is the break from reality we needed from being quarantined for so many months. With over 100 people tuned in live at a time, Limo’s perfoamce brought us all togethe again, in the comments, in the stories and in our homes.

Finishing Strong

Limoblaze wrapped the year up with a collaboration album with Da’ T.R.U.T.H called, Bridges. Bridging together world, cultures and communites. But as we stated in this article Limo has been bridging the cutlure throughout the year. With hit collabs with Gil Joe, Ada Ehi & many more. Even dropping, The Wait EP inbetween all of this music. Like wait… there’s more? The man has been working nonstop. He has become a leader in the Christian community and a great example of everything an artist should be. We are proud to annouce, Limoblaze as the Artist of the Year, 2020, and we will continue to pray for his artistry and ministry. We love you brother, God bless!

𝘎𝘰𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘭 𝘏𝘺𝘥𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯

Written by Ray


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