Kossi Bruno x Creative Eden – One Heart

Kossi Bruno & Creative Eden release their new single, One Heart. A song reminding us we are all the same. We have seen a lot of violence around the world due to hate and racism. One Heart, is cry for us to remember we are called to be “One people, one nation, & one heart”. This message is also represented in the creation of the record, featuring artist from all around the world. The song blends Gospel, Hip Hop and Reggae, effortlessly transitioning into each other. If only the world could be this way? Where we could could live in harmony together, sharing our voice, blending our cultures to create something beautiful.

We tend to look for people of power to bring or lead the way to change. Kossi Bruno says, “We’re not just waiting or trusting people of authority to bring the change. When the people of the general public come out, we can make the change“. We need to come together, in numbers, in voices, and in prayer. In these moments it is easy to get filled up with anger and forget to lean on God. We have to remember how much the world needs God right now, how much the world needs prayer, and be what we were called to do as the body of Christ.

Praying for Kossi Bruno x Creative Eden and their ministry as they continue to spread the love of God.

Watch Kossi Bruno – One Heart (Official Music Video)

Listen to Kossi Bruno on Spotify:

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Written by Ray


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