Kimberly Adé releases White Flag

Kimberly Adé released her song White Flag recently.
When listening to this song for the first time you automatically receive a spirit of empowerment and encouragement. Whatever dark place you are in this song represents the overcoming, the ‘it is finished’ truth that Jesus has given us (John 19:28-30). Because of Jesus we can say we will never give up and this song is literally the embodiment of that exact truth.

In this song, you can hear there is a battle waging against a strong woman who will not give in to the enemy. This song is so powerful because so many of us allow darkness, shame, depression, sin to take over but we are commanded in Ephesians 6 to fight with the Full Armour of God.

This is the perfect song to encourage you to get into the word of God, to get into prayer, to get into worship. Because we won’t let the enemy win.

An interesting fact about this song, Kimberly wrote this song in under 10 minutes. She wrote it from top to bottom without going back and changing anything. Truly this must be Holy Spirit inspired.

You can hear in her tone of voice how serious she is when dealing with this enemy. Telling him he won’t win. He won’t win. Jesus has already won and you dear Christian can be sure of that.

Listen to this song whenever you feel overcome with darkness, with pain, with failure because you have a hope that is awaiting for you. Don’t give up.

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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