Keylsdee releases ‘Listen’ – preaching the word of God through her unique sound

Keylsdee based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast has released ‘Listen’. She is focused on preaching the word of God through her unique sound.

Through this brand new reggae gospel song, “Listen”, the artist has the aim to bring hope to anyone who feels depressed by presenting God as the only one who can truly grant the desires of their hearts according to what the Bible states in Isaiah 58:11.

“Listen, listen
Listen, listen yeah 
God is the one, God is the one 
Nobody else, nobody can yeah 
Do what he does, do what he does 

He is the King,He decides everything 
He is faithful, He answers me every time 
Sometimes , sometimes, even before I ask 
I’m so grateful, yeah I’m so thankful
Yeah I’m so thankful”

Download ‘Listen’ here:

Keep up to date with Keylsdee here:

Written by Luke Wareham


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