Jessica Leslie releases ‘Made to be’

Jessica Leslie’s “Made to be” reminds us of the individuality God created us with. That we are all unique and created with a unique purpose. Although we as Christians have a general call to go out and make disciples, some are called to that differently. Some are called singers to spread the gospel, some are called film directors, and some are called evangelists. 

“Sometimes I’m strong, Bold and upfront, I hold back in fear, Of how it appears, We’re taught “be yourself”, As long as you don’t outshine the rest, it might lead to distress. “

Jessica Leslie – Made to be

Our purpose here on Earth is to be what God made us be like Jessica says. If you have a talent go and use it for God’s kingdom. Do not let naysayers keep you in a box. Sometimes we are called to great things and people tell us to just be ourselves, with the idea that we should be mediocre. But being a Christian in today’s society is not being average. It is extreme, It is a claim that God has died and risen and it’s a bold statement we make. There is nothing normal about that. 

We must be what God has made us to be, to step in that calling. Whether it be to risk our lives to get the Gospel across, that is what truly matters because that is what truly saves lives. We live to please one God and that is the God of the Bible.

“I am loved and accepted, Created, designed with a purpose, Wonderfully complex, Made to be, be just like you.”

Jessica Leslie – Made to be

We are made to be like Christ, We are made to be representatives of the Most High. As believers we are accepted by God as righteous children because of the blood of Jesus, we are all created and designed with a purpose but remember that your purpose should be found in Jesus and in Him alone. 

So go and check this wonderful song and artist out. She truly is the right kind of woman the Christian community needs. We all need to be reminded now and then again who we are. I believe her music is a beautiful way to learn that. 

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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