J.Walker – Young Boy

Young Boy has J.Walker talking directly to those who will take a life or lose their lives this summer. The song has the rapper speaking to a young boy who could be on any urban corner. The conversation is about the boy’s dreams for the future and the people he idolizes. The conversation then moves to the relationship with God.

As someone from an environment that routinely experiences violence and loss, it has been important for J.Walker of TLD to make sure people who are living through these issues are not overlooked.

Sometimes the gap between church and street can appear quite large and we often discover that the same young people who used to attend our church have drifted away. Sometimes we assume that they have stopped going to church because they have stopped attending services, but there are often deeper causes. There is always someone or something shackling each of us. There is an immediate problem if that isn’t God.

A young person has a lot of potential to impact the world in a positive way, but first, they must be reached or returned to Christ before they do harm to others or waste their own lives.

It is our duty as Christ-followers to stand in the gap for those who think they are far too gone, for those who believe they can’t come to Christ as sinners, we need to show them that there is hope regardless of dark their situations might be. 

Once we get rid of our idols, Jesus can take that place and where there was once darkness there can now be light and joy. Do not think that it isn’t possible for you to be on the otherside. It is and there is so much better for you than you think. 

Thank you so much to J Walker for this unique song that needs to be heard. I pray that those who listen will be blessed.

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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