It is time to let go of all the fear


Life has been so difficult for the past year. Many of us have experienced loss, retrenchment, isolation or depression. For the first time in one hundred years, we are faced with a pandemic that has claimed lives, jobs and goals that seem so unreachable because of the isolation we are in. Because of the restrictions, we are faced with daily, the world is no longer the same. 

2020 has taught me that it does not matter what my goals are because I am not the one in control of my destiny and neither are you. It is truly a hard pill to swallow. We all want to be in control of our futures, we all want to believe that when we set our minds to something we can accomplish it. It is possible but the truth is, we don’t have the power to make it happen. But God alone has that power. 

We can make choices all we want, but if it is not in God’s will, it is not a safe plan. So my question to you today is: Do you trust God enough to know that there is a brighter side to this life of suffering that we are currently faced with? 

If your answer is no, I want you to understand why Christians seem to have such great faith in God. Throughout the Old Testament in the Bible, we see stories of pandemics, war, exile, flood, etc. But what we learn from all these tribulations is that God always has a plan and promise to free His people, like the rainbow we see at the end of the flood (Genesis 9:13-17). 

He always seeks what is best for them even when they feel like God has abandoned them, in truth He is using their tribulations to bring about His plan of redemption. We can truly trust God because His truth lies within the pages of Scripture but also we can find His stains of grace in History. 

So today, let us focus on God and try and see His side to the story we are currently living out every day. The world has become more creative with the way we live today. Everything is becoming more digital and this allows us to truly innovate and use what resources God has provided us with. There is so much blessing surrounding us that we have not truly identified it as such. 

But what are our goals? And why those goals? 

You see the ‘Why’ always matters because if we are doing it for our own satisfaction then we might as well not do it at all. 

“You will never glory in God till first of all God has killed your glorying in yourself.”

Charles H. Spurgeon

In the book of Ecclesiastes in Chapter 12 verses 13, The writer of Ecclesiastes says that the life we live here and the reason we do all things is to glorify God first and foremost because in truth that is our purpose and that is the reason we were created. 

So if you have no idea where your purpose lies. Trust in Him because there are greater things ahead. 

“The Lord gets His best soldiers out of the highlands of affliction.”

Charles Spurgeon

If we just look at the story of David, he lived a life as a Shepherd boy, rejected by his own father. He probably had no idea the future God had planned for Him but the choice he made on the battlefield when he was up against Goliath is where true prosperity lies. The choice is God. David had great faith in God, he knew he could trust Him in the battle. Therefore we should trust God in the current battle. 

You have no idea how many battles God fights for you every day. Enemies you would never imagine that God has protected you from(Ephesians 6).

The day Jesus died on that cross He saved you from the wages of sin which is death itself. (Romans 6:23) Yes physically people die every day but Scripture tells us that we should not fear the man who kills the physical body but we are to rather fear the one who can kill both body and soul. (Matthew 10:28)

We have wronged God. Every single one of us (Romans 3:23). There is not one person on the earth that has not heard the name of Jesus. But in order to be saved, you need more than just the name. You need the person. 

There are so many people out there that have chosen a life of luxury over a life with Jesus, it is not worth it. If you do not believe me, go and read Ecclesiastes. Go and read Job, go and ask Judas. Because all that truly matters, the chief end to your life, He is waiting for you, He loves you more than you can comprehend. 

Being a Christian is not an easy life especially in the world we currently live in. Don’t decide to follow Jesus because you think it will bring material wealth, because you think it will be smooth sailing, because it is not. 

Paul, Phillip, James, Peter, John and all the other disciples. If they were here, they would tell you differently. We do not live for earthly glory or heavenly glory. We live for His glory and His glory alone. 

All that you have done wrong, every single little thing. If you believe in Jesus and follow Him. All is forgiven. So get on your knees seek his forgiveness, seek the hope He promises you. He never breaks a promise. 

”There may be some sins of which a man cannot speak, but there is no sin which the blood of Christ cannot wash away.”

Charles H. Spurgeon

God knows you so intimately, there is not one feeling you have, not one thought you have that He is not aware of. Even though He knows all these things. He still sent His Son so you could have freedom. 

So dear reader, It is time. It is time to let go of all the fear, of all the pain, let go of the sin that controls your life and give it all to God. It is time to seek His forgiveness. It is time to seek His face because there is so much love waiting for you on the other end. It is time to embrace such a great love that will bring you to your knees. Do not wait, until it is too late. 



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