Is this a bit to vulnerable? | #fearlesshours Day 1

When it comes to sharing how we really feel or being open and vulnerable to what’s really going on under our physical wall we fear exposure to the weakness within.

About 6 hours before this post I didn’t know what fear I was going to challenge today or even what my first #fearlesshours post was going to be about. After a quick prayer to ask for Dad’s (Gods) leading I was reminded of some of my Spoken Word pieces I had previously written that I was afraid to share. Spoken word is something that I have been semi active in since I was 18 but felt really uncomfortable & Vulnerable sharing. The reason I felt uncomfortable sharing some of my work was because as men we constantly see the representation of strength as something physical and non emotional. When it comes to sharing how we really feel or being open and vulnerable to what’s really going on under our physical wall we fear exposure to the weakness within.

The Piece I feared to share.

This short spoken word piece is meant to be (scrap that “is going to be”) a short Instagram video series. It is written in parts and below I am going to share with you the first part of the story written in spoken word. Forgive me for the formatting and the extra annotations. I wrote it for video so it isn’t in the standard poetry format. Just a side note I wrote this with some creative inspiration from “Majid Jordan – Something About You” using the chorus and visuals to write and visualise how I wanted the video to look. I know that the song isn’t Christian however the art direction of the video is incredible. Being a Christian creative makes it difficult sometimes to not see good art and appreciate it wherever it is found. Below is a clip of part of the video i was referencing from 1:00 to 1:34 give it a watch and read the piece below which I wrote and think about the emotion I wanted listeners and viewers to feel while watching. Check it out below.

Spoken Word Piece: Something About You

So we’re standing on the platform waiting for the train
And as my friend is speaking to me
Something glistens and catches my eye
Instantly my surroundings go quiet and my focus and concentration is heightened.
A nervousness and speechlessness overcomes my entire being
A figure emerges as if covered by a mist.
Is my mind playing tricks or is this real
I see a girl standing there ever so graceful
Erm… sorry no scrap that (crossing out sound effects)
I see a Woman not just standing but perfectly positioned and aligned
Moving ever so slightly like it was the slow motion feature on my iPhone
Then as I’m about to take a step I all of a sudden stop I take a step back
I start to see the scars glued together by self help quotes
Then the question arises can I handle this type of Woman
Or will I reopen the scars that took weeks of crying herself to sleep,
Months of thinking is she good enough
and an unending search for just a Word that will allow her to sleep in peace to overcome
I pause for a moment and let that sink in
(long pause)
As my brain steams out of control to try to find an answer my phone starts to ring
Who could be calling?
(Clip of phone ringing saying Queen)
(part 1 finishes)

The Inspiration behind this piece

With this spoken word piece I really wanted to create a picture of a Woman of value being approached by a broken man who sees her beauty in appearance but then sees her past pain and becomes hesitant to approach her. He starts to see her as more than a pretty face then it ends on a cliffhanger / climax. I won’t share to much right now of the story progression you’ll have to wait and see for the next section.  I was pretty fearful sharing this piece but right now I feel relieved that its out and i’m actually looking forward to the rest of the 30 day #fearlesshours challenge. throughout the challenge I will be more active on Twitter more than other socials so follow me on there through this link and keep up to date with the challenge. Let me know as well what fear you challenged yourself to overcome today and what fear you feel you need to overcome in the comments below.
Thanks for reading and joining me in this challenge. Lets grow!

Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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