How to deal with your fear of failure as a creative?

Proactive work ethic 

The fear of failure as a creative is much harder to deal with and overcome than actually the failing itself. Fear is the biggest killer of success, innovation and creativity. One of the ways to combat the fear of failure is to adopt a proactive work ethic! The reason this is so important is because most of the time when fear starts to grip it’s claws into us we slowly freeze up and slow down on doing whatever we were afraid to pursue. Having a proactive work flow allows you to continue operating at 100% and eventually break through the fear. When you think of fear think of something that is temporary and movable. There is no fear that has the power to stop you from achieving big unless you let it. In fact failure usually comes when you get frozen by fear and discouraged to take any action. Let that not be you so when fear next starts to creep up push through!!

Never Give up attitude! 

Having an attitude that continues moving forward despite several setbacks, closed doors, financial struggle and more is so important to have if you want to deal with the fear and achieve big! Like the above point a never give up attitude and a proactive work ethic will keep you on track to achieving your goals. it is not easy to do however if you can start practicing on small goals and build it up to the large ones then you should be fine. Most of these points are habits if you can take on these habits then you will keep winning without failure and when a wall comes up you will be able to pivot before even reaching it and still maintain a steady speed on your journey of success. 

Write down everything on your mind 

This point is so important! I feel even more so than the others because when you start to write your mind down you start to free up space for the right type of thoughts to come in. Think of your mind like a computer it continues to store up information both negative and positive and eventually you will start to run out of space then your computer starts to freeze up and slow right down until you wipe it clean. Your mind needs wipes every now and then. I try to do it every morning and evening because I feel I take in so much information on a day to day basis that it needs to be wiped daily and replaced with positive / God thoughts and words. Doing this helps you to work on the other habits much easier. 

Get help but be willing to be flexible 

This one is actually the one I struggle with the most 😞 I’m so used to working as a freelancer and as a solo entrepreneur that when I actually try to work with others it becomes such a struggle. I am working on it though! The issues I always come up against when it comes to working with others is being so focused and solo visioned on how I want something that when someone else comes in with their ideas if I feel as though it is changing the vision I originally had for the collaborative project we end up clashing. Being flexible is so important and leaving room for improvement on anything that you need help with. 

Remember that there are lessons in every (so called failure) 

This point is the sole reason that you shouldn’t worry to much about taking an L as you would say. Most creatives that I know have had their big win in a place where they thought that they had failed. The most important thing that you could learn is that when you think you failed God was actually teaching you something instead so that you will not make the same mistake again. Understanding what the lesson was is key to overcoming your fear of failure as a creative and will help your creative movements be more fluid than stagnant. 

Fear of failure as a creative is probably the number 1 reason many just put their gifts and talents to the side and instead don’t do something that they enjoy or love. Make sure you take these tips and overcome your fear! There is nothing better than creating something that will not only benefit you but many others in the process. Every time that you create you give. Remember that! 🙂      

Author: Derrick Tchie / CEO Gospel Hydration

Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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